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Who’s the Boss?


Hey, Who’s the In Charge Here?
When you meet your prospect for the first time in person, on the telephone, or thru the internet you need to immediately assume responsibility for the relationship between you and your prospect. 
So many sales people I have met have told me that they are waiting for the prospect to call them back.  Well I have news for you: THEY ARE NOT GOING TO CALL YOU BACK!  As the sales consultant, you need to always be in control.  Never leave it in your prospects hands to call you back.  Take control.
When your prospect tells you they will call you back, simply says something like: “I appreciate that, but I am really hard to reach on my phone sometimes, so let me call you back.  Would tomorrow or the next day be the best time to call?”
Dealing with your prospect this way reminds the prospect that you are not going away.  They can’t brush you off by forgetting to call you. This method also helps create urgency.
They are not going to call you back.Thanks to Russ Ackerman, Proven Sales Strategies, for sharing this valuable sales tip with us and the rest of the industry!

About Jennifer

Jennifer has been the Marketing and Communications Manager with CMS for over 3 years. She works closely with the executive team and helps communicate with dealers, including information on new services, CMS events and other noteworthy happenings within the CMS family.

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