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Who is Your Subscriber?

This appears to be a straightforward question, BUT what if a property is not owner occupied?  This seemingly simple question becomes a little bit more convoluted…

Is it the property owner?  Is it the tenant?  What if the property owner is paying for the system, but the tenant is the one using it?  Who is your subscriber?  These questions are commonplace when it comes to alarm contracts.  And, at times, this situation can be tricky.  However, if you think about the scenario logically it begins to make a lot more sense.

Always remember, the primary purpose of an alarm contract is to remove liability for your negligence.  To that point, ask yourself these questions:  If I breach a contract, who will be asking me to recover their loss?  Who’s answering the phone when CMS calls to verify an alarm?   Who provides the necessary passcode to cancel an alarm?  This would be the End User of the system and service.  The end user should always sign the contract.

What if the end user isn’t the one footing the bill?  Perhaps the end user is just a tenant, if this is the case, the contract should also be signed by the party who originally contracted your services.  If the property owner arranges the installation, contracts for ongoing monitoring and service, and agrees to pay for those services, the Property Owner should sign the contract.  The end user, should also sign the contract, and you should include provision stating the owner’s responsibility for payment while authorizing the tenant as a user.

Be sure your business is protected, and Know Your Subscriber.

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Jennifer has been the Marketing and Communications Manager with CMS for over 3 years. She works closely with the executive team and helps communicate with dealers, including information on new services, CMS events and other noteworthy happenings within the CMS family.

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