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It’s Not About the Money

Throughout my years as a sales trainer and sales leader, I have had sales people tell me that they could not close the deal because the price was too high. I heard these so called sales people say; “its always about the money.” Now, while I do agree that your price must be in the ball park with your competition, I know it’s not always about the money. It’s about you!
People buy from individuals not companies. Most sales people that complain about lack of sales, because of price, lack basic sales skills.
Your price is just part of your presentation. You must add so much value in your presentation that when you finally quote the investment to your prospect they can’t wait to autograph your agreement. So, if your prospect complains about your price, it just means that they do not want you, your company or your product bad enough to pay your price.
Your sales presentation must be focused on three things:
1. Building value in yourself. When your prospect buys from your company, they get you. How much is that worth?
2. Building value in your company. Can you prove that your company is best? You had better.
3. Build value in your product. What makes your product so hot? Can you demonstrate why your product is the best solution?

Russ Ackerman, Proven Sales Strategies, LLC

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Jennifer has been the Marketing and Communications Manager with CMS for over 3 years. She works closely with the executive team and helps communicate with dealers, including information on new services, CMS events and other noteworthy happenings within the CMS family.

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