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Please be aware beginning July 1, 2017 CMS will no longer accept any documents via mail, email or fax (to a number other than the one designated below) that contain card holder data, as outlined below, in order to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).  Card holder data includes:

  • Personal Account Number -or-
  • Full Credit Account Number in addition to:
    • Cardholder name, card expiration and/or service code
    • Security related information, including card validation codes, i.e. the 3-4 digit code on the back of the card

Any documentation sent to CMS, outside of the designated fax number, which may, either intentionally or unintentionally, include card holder data will be destroyed.  The requested updates will NOT be processed until a new document has been received that does not contain card holder data. 

Credit card payments to CMS will still be accepted via telephone at 800.367.6811 option 2 or via fax to 316.685.1134

If you have questions regarding this policy change please contact Dealer Support 800.522.5124 or dealerservices@cmsn.com.

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Jennifer has been the Marketing and Communications Manager with CMS for over 3 years. She works closely with the executive team and helps communicate with dealers, including information on new services, CMS events and other noteworthy happenings within the CMS family.

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