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Hurricane Dorian

CMS Dealers, due to the high probability that Hurricane Dorian will
impact weather conditions in an area where you have accounts, CMS
would like to remind you of the commitment we’ve made to protect you
against disaster…
Important Storm Related Information
CMS will be increasing manpower at the Longwood, FL and Manasquan, NJ monitoring centers. Please be aware, despite our best efforts callers may still experience longer than normal wait times. In order to more effectively manage alarm traffic, the CMS Operations team will be transitioning all accounts located in the affected areas to a storm partition. Please understand first responders will no longer respond to dispatches from CMS once sustained winds reach 45 mph. CMS will do everything possible to ensure the safety of our dealers, their subscribers,and our employees.
CMS Disaster Recovery Plan
CMS is always prepared with true redundancy; we’re equipped with three, UL listed, FM approved monitoring centers located throughout the U.S. Our monitoring centers are connected using the latest in communications technology, allowing us to load balance by redistributing operator resources during spikes in alarm activity. Should disaster strike any one of our centers, they are each backed up by two generators and uninterruptable power supplies, and are prepared to route alarm signals to our other central stations across the country, if necessary. We’ve seen just about every scenario over the years. CMS has the experience and facilities to keep us running 24/7 in the face of any storm or disaster. Our infrastructure is like no other in the business, andwill give you and your customers peace of mind, knowing their security systems will always be monitored. If you have any questions for us about our Disaster Recovery plan, please contact your Business Development Support Representative.

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