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Great Service in Dealer Support!

Thank you to Kathy Blaine (Dealer Support Supervisor, Longwood) who received special kudos from a CMS Dealer who said “Wanted to send kudos about Kathy. I faxed a list of accounts needing contact list changes due to vacation, when I saw the accounts didn’t quite reflect my request, I spoke with Kathy. She patiently explained that dealer support had the ability to do “suspensions” and other modifications to the call list, that don’t appear on CMS Connect. She even sent an email with screen shots showing how it looked on the CMS side. Wonderful! I’m sending info to the data team from now on – no more juggling the call list due to dates available, etc.”

Thanks again Kathy for providing EXCELLENT customer service!

About Jennifer

Jennifer has been the Marketing and Communications Manager with CMS for over 3 years. She works closely with the executive team and helps communicate with dealers, including information on new services, CMS events and other noteworthy happenings within the CMS family.

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