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CMS going Beyond the Call

As part of Dealer Support training Representatives are asked to write a statement regarding the importance of attention to detail as it pertains to changing account numbers.  Andrew Schebel, one of CMS Longwood’s Dealer Support Reps, truly went above and beyond when he submitted the essay below.  Everyone at CMS is thankful to have employees like Andrew, who take their jobs, and the customers we serve, so seriously.  If you’d like to know what it means to go “beyond the Call” please read on…  

CMS & What’s really “Beyond the Call”

Andrew Schebel 8/18/2017

Here at CMS underneath our logo is the statement “Beyond the Call” and to most this is aimed at providing excellent customer service and not just doing the bare minimum. To me however, this goes much further. This job is more than just a paycheck. We are entrusted with people’s lives, safety, and property. We are expected to follow the instructions as given to provide comfort, security and peace of mind to our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without fail. It is vital that each person has an eye for detail and never overlooks even the smallest detail because it may seem trivial. Monitoring relies on Dealer Support to create the accounts correctly with proper phone numbers, instructions, agencies, and correct account numbers to be able to respond to any kind of signals received to provide whatever help is needed at all times. The safety and security of our customers begins with us in Dealer Support and the foundation of this is the account number. It’s vital that an account number is accurate for multiple reasons. First off, the prefix needs to be correct so that the account is able to receive signals from the right receiver and then the account number itself needs to be correct so that they can be translated and routed to the correct account. Dealers call in all the time to change account numbers for various reasons, hardware upgrades, troubleshooting issues, format changes and the like. As a phone representative I take thousands of calls a month and the content of the calls can be very repetitive which can lead to complacency or going into “auto-pilot” however it’s extremely important to always remember I’m working on accounts that protect human life and property. If an account number is changed to the wrong number or deleted all together it can lead to irreversible damage that no amount of money could ever fix. If the account number is not correct at a business for example and a fire alarm is received from the location monitoring will not get it. If the location actually has a fire the people on site rely on us to dispatch the fire department to assist and it’s possible they are unable to call themselves due to having to evacuate and get to safety. A wrong account number results in no signal received and no calls made. An entire company can burn to the ground and we’d have no idea anything happened until someone calls in and tells us. That business could be fortune 500 company worth billions or it could be a startup company someone has invested all their time and money into in order to fulfill a lifelong dream of starting said company. If I were to change the account number incorrectly and in effect caused this business to burn to the ground a simple, “oops” or “Oh I was having an off day” is not even close to being an acceptable reason. My blunder effectively destroyed someone’s lifelong dream, effort, and financial wellbeing in only a matter of seconds. The loss of property can easily destroy someone’s entire way of life so it is vital that an operator remains vigilant at all times to make sure all information is entered correctly. Property loss cannot be brushed off as no big deal as it can easily effect multiple people’s lives permanently. When it comes to residential type accounts it is still equally important all information is correct. We monitoring burglar alarms providing security of families lives and homes. We are also entrusted with medical accounts where someone has literally put the lives of their loved ones in our hands. Sometimes we are the only link an elderly or handicapped person has to assistance and a family is provided relief that we are always here to assist their mother, father, grandmother, grandfather in their time of need that they themselves cannot provide. Failure to change an account number correctly on a medical or normal residential account can easily cause loss of life that can never be reversed. If the account number is wrong and someone sends in a panic alarm because they see someone outside their home and are under the impression the police will be called and the signal is never received it can lead to a report of a break in where someone was murdered because of a “failed alarm system” there is no way to take that back. If someone falls and sends in a medical alarm via their pendant and the signal is never received because the account was not changed to the correct one a family member may come home to find their precious loved dead on the floor. Failure to pay attention to detail in this case could lead to someone being stuck in agony thinking help is on the way when it’s not and can ultimately result in them dying alone, scared, and in pain all because of a single digit being off. These scenarios are unacceptable from any angle. It’s important to ALWAYS pay attention to detail and even if it annoys a dealer always verify, re-verify, and re-verify again the account number is changed to the correct one. Failure to do so can easily lead to loss of life and property. If any of the above were to happen because I failed to change an account number correctly it is not the dealers fault, it is not monitoring’s fault, it is not my peers, supervisors, or the companies fault. It is MY fault and mine alone. A single digit off or a small mistake could result in there being blood on my hands and my simple mistake could indirectly be the reason someone died or lost it all and there is no coming back from that. I’m here to protect lives and properties and will always remain vigilant that I’m doing everything I can to make sure all information is accurate since data entry is the first step to providing the protection and safety customers have come to rely on in their time of need. I always have this in mind in all I do here at CMS as I’ve seen what’s “Beyond the Call” for myself multiple times in monitoring and I know that it starts with me and making sure nothing is overlooked. This isn’t just a job, I’m not just a “Phone Rep” I’m a member of a large team dedicated to protecting the lives and homes for millions of people across the country. I am a protector, a silent guardian who works behind the scenes to help those who need it. They will never know who I am or what I do to provide the protection they need but I know that attention to detail and accurate data entry is the very foundation of this entire industry.


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Jennifer has been the Marketing and Communications Manager with CMS for over 3 years. She works closely with the executive team and helps communicate with dealers, including information on new services, CMS events and other noteworthy happenings within the CMS family.

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