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C24 Communications Advisory

Attention CMS Dealers: C24 Communications would like to inform you that new 3G activations on AT&T’s cellular network will no longer be allowed after July 1, 2019. This restriction has been put in place in preparation for the previously-announced 3G sunset scheduled for February 2022.

What does this mean for me?
While the majority of customers are utilizing LTE communicators for new activations, a small number of 3G activations are still occurring. After July 1, 2019, US C24 customers will be unable to activate 3G communicators.
Existing 3G accounts will continue to be supported and allow programming changes as required however if an existing 3G account is deactivated it will not be able to be reactivated on the system.

Please Note:

Information on the 3G sunset are available on AT&T’s website and can be accessed directly by clicking here.

For more information on DSC LTE communicators please visit www.dsc.com/lte or speak with your local sales representative
Should you have any questions or comments please contact C24 Communications Customer Service, DSC Technical Support or your local DSC Sales Representative.

Contact Information

Connect 24 Customer Service

1-888-251-7458 (USA)

DSC Technical Support


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