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Alabama is now an ECV state

suede gray back drop - 20090414 Morgan shoot.In case you missed it, if you have subscribers located in the state of Alabama, we sent you a letter last month.  Alabama is now an Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) state.  ECV requires that if we are unable to reach someone at the premises who can verify an alarm is false, an additional attempt will be made to verify the alarm with the first person on the contact list.  If, after these two call attempts, we are unable to verify if the alarm is false, we will dispatch the appropriate authorities.  After dispatching the authorities, we will continue calling the remainder of the contact list.

ECV has been implemented in an effort to reduce the number of false alarm penalties you or your subscribers may incur through the local police department.  ECV will also help reduce the number of responses by police departments to false dispatches. 

Please note: CMS will continue to dispatch the police on silent panic/holdup/robbery signals without verification.

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